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ALL around that blue

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Tidy Up

by Quiver

Tidy Up is Quiver’s first recorded statement. The album reflects the different background of each musician in the project. What comes out is a mix of funk, soul and pop with a very peculiar attitude.



Quiver is a band based in Rome, Italy. Their music is a mix of pop, funk and soul that sometimes can slide into dance or jazz grooves.

Their main influences vary from Erykah Badu and D’Angelo to Jamiroquai and Vulfpeck.

Quiver’s first EP “Tidy Up” is their first recorded statement that introduces their sound with a five song journey that shows up their potential. 

Their latest single “All Around That Blue” has a much more mature sound and draws a new path for the future of the band.


Vocals, Piano / Costanza Puma
Bass / Julien Dumont
Drums / Lorenzo Russo