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ALL around that blue



24 Luglio 2019, MIND Festival - Montecosaro MC

24 Luglio 2019, MIND Festival - Montecosaro MC

Supporting babe rainbow


Quiver will be playing a show at Monk (Rome) on the 28th of September supporting Babe Rainbow.

For info and tickets: https://www.monkroma.it/attivita/babe-rainbow-live/

Photo by Francesco Gallo

Photo by Francesco Gallo

Mind festival

The gang is very happy to announce that Quiver will be playing a show at Mind Festival.

Cotti: '“We’ll share the stage with Fulminacci and Psicologi. We can’t wait!”

For info and tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/2290150724639353/

Artwork by Cedric Dumont

Artwork by Cedric Dumont

Tidy up turns one


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO TIDY UP! Quiver’s debut EP turns one year old today, what a crazy journey it's been from there! Take the time to listen to it on this very special day.

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Tidy Up

by Quiver

Tidy Up is Quiver’s first recorded statement. The album reflects the different background of each musician in the project. What comes out is a mix of funk, soul and pop with a very peculiar attitude.



Quiver is a band born in 2018.
Active in Rome, they independently released an EP, “Tidy Up”, and a single, “All around that blue” and played, amongst other things, Mind Festival, Anfiteatro del Venda in Padova and Cosmo Jazz Festival in Chamonix. 


Vocals, Piano / Costanza Puma
Bass / Julien Dumont
Drums / Lorenzo Russo